There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble

Jimmy GrimbleBeing a fifteen year old is tough, especially so for Jimmy Grimble (Lewis McKenzie). He is born and bred in Manchester, UK. All the boys at his school root for Manchester United, while Jimmy cheers the Manchester City team. This makes him the prime target of all the bullies at his school. His bully no.1 is “Gorgeous” Gordon (Bobby Power), who is part of the school football team and comes from a wealthy family. Everybody at school thinks that only a loser like Jimmy would follow a second division football team over the first.

There’s Only One Jimmy GrimbleThings are not that great at home either. His mom, Donna (Gina McKee), has brought home another “new dad”, Johnny (Ben Miller), who is a biker and a thief. Jimmy certainly doesn’t like him, but that is not something that he bothers himself with. What bothers him the most is that he likes the new girl at school, Sara (Samia Smith). The best part is she seems to like him too. But Jimmy’s communication skills betray him and jump out the window every time she appears in front of him. Teenage is definitely a confusing time and it is all the more so for a shy child like Jimmy.

Although Jimmy does not like his mother’s current boyfriend, he and her ex-boyfriend, Harry (Ray Winstone), are great buddies and even attend home games together. As of now, Harry is the only person in his life, who is closest to a parent. He knows what is happening with Jimmy and makes an effort to be as supportive of him as much as possible.

Playing Soccer Jimmy GrimbleLike any football-loving kid of his age, Jimmy wants to become a football star himself. His school team’s coach also thinks that Jimmy has what it takes to make it to the team. So, he gets Jimmy as a substitute on the team. By now, Gorgeous Gordon is already a seasoned player on the team. His father even promises the school a huge donation for the school’s sports hall, if the school team wins the Manchester Schools’ Cup. The pressure to win is now real and the chances that Jimmy, a newcomer, would make the cut seem bleak.

Football (Soccer) MovieOne day on his way home, Jimmy is chased by Gordon and hides in an old house. An old woman living there gives him a pair of football boots, which once belonged to one of Manchester City’s greatest players. Jimmy simply throws the boots into the garbage bin and forgets about them. Come the next day, Gordon throws Jimmy’s shoes away into a passing garbage truck. With no other option left, Jimmy retrieves the old lady’s boots he threw away.

JimmyThe tournament finally begins, but in one of the Manchester Schools’ Cup matches, Gordon gets injured during the game. Jimmy is sent on in the field at the last minute and he scores a winning goal for the team. He believes his boots have magical powers and that gives him the much needed boost of confidence. Jimmy then goes on to take the team to the cup final. Everything is going great for Jimmy, until the day of the final game. Jimmy discovers that the old lady, who gave him the boots died. To make things worse, consumed by the jealousy of Jimmy’s rising fame, Gordon somehow manages to throw away his “magic” boots.

Jimmy Grimble WinsJimmy loses his confidence and is unable to get his things together. It is at this time that Harry stands up to support Jimmy and convinces him that the boots did not have any magic, and that it was always Jimmy’s skills that helped him win the games. Jimmy regains his confidence and enters the field with a new bout of energy and enthusiasm. He answers all his bullies when he plays an awesome game and takes the team to victory. Do you and your family like this type of entertainment? To see more great entertainment, take a look here and figure out which is the best television entertainment package for your family.